We haven’t got the quantities for the ingredients, but here’s how this recipe works:

If you like garlic, use a lot of it.
If you like your food sweet, use some honey or sugar to counter the tang of the Worchestershire sauce.
Don’t be tempted to use too much rosemary though. It gets medicinal.
Taste the marinade adding it to the lamb.



lamb steaks
garlic, smashed
fresh or dried rosemary*
Worchestershire sauce
olive oil

honey, optional

1. Prehead oven to 185°C.
2. Season the lamb steaks with the Worchestershire sauce. Add a little sugar and olive oil. Add garlic. Brush with honey, if you want.

Put steaks in a heatproof dish and add a few sprigs of rosemary or sprinkle a little of the dried herb.

* A light hand with the rosemary, please. Too much of it gives the lamb a medicinal taste.

4. For lamb steaks bake for 15 mins per pound of lamb. For leg of lamb, bake 40 mins per pound of lamb.
5. Serve with roast potatoes, mash or buttered vegetables.
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