This is one of the few original recipes that we came up with one day when we were both hungry and sleepy — the killer combination that necessitates some culinary wizardry. Anyone can whip this up, even when half asleep.

(serves two or one hungry person)

2 pieces tong zi mian
1/2 tbsp sesame oil
1 tbsp oyster sauce
white pepper
black pepper, coarse ground

1. Boil noodles till tender. Do not overcook.
2. Drain well.
3. Toss with oyster sauce and sesame seed oil. We do it the “professional way”— by putting the oyster sauce and sesame oil on the plate then tossing the noodles in it.
4. Sprinkle white pepper on the noodles, followed by black pepper. You probably know better than me how much pepper you like.

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