If you can get past the saccharine-sweet baby colours, you’ll find a growing collection
of easy-to-make recipes from friends, Mom and fearless experimentation.

Corny Parmesan Biscotti

Double Pepper Tong Zi Mian

French Onion Soup

Korean Beef Marinade

Lee Hong’s Shoulder of Lamb Cooked Seven Hours

Mom’s Christmas Fruitcake

Morton’s Ribeye

Roast Ribs with Soya Beans and Sesame Seeds

Pavlova with berries & crème anglais

Pistachios & Cranberry Biscotti

Seafood Risotto

Suppakorn’s Thai-style pasta

Thai-style Duck Salad


Travis’ 8-ingredient Cod-fish

Triple-layer chocolate cheesecake

Warm and gooey chocolate cake

Yik Wee’s Rosemary Lamb Steaks with Roasted Potatoes



Asian desserts

Almond Jelly

Barley with Beanskin, Gingko and Egg

Sweet Egg Meen Seen

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