January 23, 2007

No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted

Real Beauty

Some people find it a little odd that they’re telling you to “love your body” and touting anti-cellulite creams in the same breath.

I was admittedly more than skeptical when the campaign was launched in 2004. There was just something very fishy about the whole real beauty thingy. Sure, they’re real people and not models, but why do they not have eye bags or zits like I do?

Now, three years on, the ads keep getting better and I’m starting to think that it’s a step in the right direction. And if they have to sell some conditioners to fund the message, well, so be it.

Posted by Karen at January 23, 2007 07:08 PM in ads

Woah. Pretty good I must say. Clever idea!

Posted by: dawn at January 24, 2007 07:42 AM

The right choice of music/song plays a big part in an ad. Whenever this ad was on air on TVMobile or on the flat screen TV in the food court, it never fails to catch my attention to pause and look at it whenever the music starts playing. This is what I call a good ad which most people can relate to. The previous campaign with the ladies from all walks of life was a little superficial with little impact.

Posted by: Beverly at January 26, 2007 10:14 AM

This is a great ad. Kudos to the agency/CD that created it. I love the version that’s playing on our channels too.

Posted by: Kisane at January 28, 2007 12:44 PM
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