January 12, 2007

Si Scott

Si Scott

Si Scott interviewed by Type for you. I believe he’s done something for Adobe before through Vault 49 but I can’t find it on either site.

via typographi.com

Posted by Karen at January 12, 2007 02:30 PM in typography

Hi Karen!

Vault 49 along with Si Scott is mentioned in issue 25 of Advanced Photoshop (advancedphotoshop.co.uk). I thought you’d like to know.


Posted by: fogfish at January 25, 2007 02:59 PM

Hi Rodney! Thanks for that. Of course, I’d like to know.
Comments like yours was the reason I started this blog. Sadly, there’s more spamming than sharing going on here.

Of course my long silences and insane rants haven’t helped.

Posted by: Karen at February 3, 2007 07:09 AM
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