December 01, 2006

“Discontinuation” Symptoms

I always say, “never believe everything on the internet.” But for once, it was completely, completely right. No-one warned me about this. Expletives completely necessary.

Nausea, nausea, nausea — severe, debilitating. Surprisingly alcohol helped.
General weirdness — as if you’re moving either faster or slower than your physical self. Some people describe it as a loss of balance
Electic zaps — these were fun for like two minutes
Headaches — Panadol helped. If painkillers kill you, does that make you a pain?
Scratching sounds in head, or sound of swooshing samurai swords
Stomach cramps — I rubbed it so hard, it’s sore now
Bloat — lots of air in tummy. Lots of loud burping. So lots of ginger.

General aches
Being retarded, forgetful, slow and mistaken
Emotional, tearful — only once
Hot flashes — fairly often. I was quite glad to find out that I can sweat.
Panic — well, the body wants to panic but since I already know what’s going on, I didn’t let it happen
Sensitivity to noise — thanks to this, I scolded some kids at Kino. Irresponsible parents who let their kids run wild. There should be a law against this. People who don’t want to parent should not be allowed to have kids.
Sensitivity to cold(?) — This could be just me or the crazy weather. But I almost got frozen solid at Vivocity the other day. Walked through the carpark to defrost, but never recovered.

How can it not be habit forming if there are these withdrawal symptoms?

Posted by Karen at December 1, 2006 11:23 PM in miscellaneous
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