October 19, 2006


Reno Balloon Fiesta

This time-lapse video is pretty trippy. Renos is actually one of Ren’s many many many nicknames, acquired during the Euro 2004. The original nick was actually Renogopolos. Current nicks, mostly ending with “os” include peesers, peezaros, beezaros love triangle and wormos.

See also Cluster Ballooning

Of late, my dreams have taken on a movie format. I’m not even in it, except maybe for a cameo here and there! Sometimes it’s even in the form of a horror documentary. Mostly it involves a very convoluted plot or some kind of conspiracy theory which goes round and round — as in the dream / movie actually loops — till I wake up, frustrated, or mildly amused.

When I try to retell the dream, I can never say why it was so frightening or frustrating. It must’ve been just the mood of the dream.

Posted by Karen at October 19, 2006 08:51 PM in miscellaneous
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