September 07, 2006


Awoken by a headache that measured 10.5 on the Ritcher scale. Sleepily popped a Panadol Extra and waited for it to kick in. In the meantime, I decided to trawl through Art & Letters Daily and read though a shitload of articles before deciding that I need a second Panadol since the first one was not working. I ended up reading…

- Willpower needs to be rationed.
- Garrison Keillor has become divisivein his appeal.
- Beware of Pity —”They love with a fanatical, a baleful, a black love.” Beware of Darkness.
- With friends like these, who needs enemies?
- “Even when I win, I feel like s___.” The world of competitive eating as covered in Insatiable.
- The death of the double entendre?
- Friedric Nietzsche’s Diet Book. Sounds funny, but I don’t understand half of it.
- Refrigerator poetry
- The pain painter — Edvard Munch
- Elinor Wylie

Posted by Karen at September 7, 2006 05:51 PM in miscellaneous
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