May 30, 2006

Make Everyday Fabulous

Has everyone seen this fantastic campaign by IKEA?

IKEA Picnic

It must’ve been to publicise the temporary concept store that they set up in Manhattan, called Everyday Fabulous.

“In preparation for Design Week in NYC, IKEA teamed up with Deutsch to make ‘everyday fabulous’ for New Yorkers. With more than 650 different experiences during this 5-day, city-wide guerilla marketing event (including padded park benches in Union Square, oven mitts in the #6 train, bus shelters designed for comfort and flair and doggie bowls for our four-legged friends) IKEA proves that good design can make every day even better.”

So maybe design can really change the world.

I wonder if they had to get any permits.

Posted by Karen at May 30, 2006 09:39 PM in ads
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