October 23, 2003

Letterpress Quicktime

Letterpress lovers should not miss this exclusive screening on Firefly Press in Somerville, Massachusetts, not to be confused with Firefly Press in Portland, Oregon.

“When John Kristensen can’t find a Maltese Cross engraving to harmonise with a favourite typeface, he builds one � mitering off the ends of four uppercase I’s, which snuggle into a typographic cross�.”

via LinesandSplines.

Posted by Karen at October 23, 2003 12:02 PM in typography

Very nice.
Too bad quicktime on windows runs like arse :(

Posted by: Adriano at October 25, 2003 02:34 AM

Great video. A bit too cloyingly nostalgic though.

1) It runs super smooth on my Windows.
2) What LinesandSplines?! Didn’t that site go down ages ago?


Posted by: Hrant at October 25, 2003 08:25 AM

Hey Hrant, so glad to see you here.

Yep, LinesandSplines went down ages ago, but that was where I first got the link to that video. I bookmarked it or it stuck in my head and found it again by googling Firefly Press.

I found the narrative slightly pompous, not necessarily the script, but the delivery. But great video overall.

Posted by: Karen at October 25, 2003 11:44 AM

More type movies: Not my Type

Posted by: Karen at October 31, 2003 11:52 PM

Isle of Printing and The Bird Machine via typographi.ca.

Posted by: Karen at February 6, 2004 07:05 PM

Setting type to music.

Posted by: Karen at March 5, 2004 03:51 PM

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